GIFs + Print

Why not some animated images to go along with your instant print?

Green Screen

Better watch out, coming soon...

Photo Standee For Your Guests

A sleek black slot-in standee display for your photo.

Customised Props Bundle Pack

A set of 8 customized die-cut props to complement your event theme.

Instant Download Service

Give your guests the options of having their photos emailed to them!

Real-time Facebook Upload

Want to upload and share your photos with all your family, friends or followers instantly? Our real-time Facebook upload will make your event the most talked-about

Photo Live Stream Service

Your photos will be streamed live to the big screen for the enjoyment of your guests. Trust us, your guests will be happy to see their faces on the big screen!

Ideas for your event?

We’re always up for a challenge. Simply let us know your great idea for the event and we’ll handle
the rest.